Thursday, March 20, 2008

President’s Team Socrates Valencia from Columbia!

President Team Socrates Valencia was here at Tan Quee Lan Centre last Thursday!!

He brought his children to our centre for a short tour. Omg..his daughter was so gorgeous!
Socrates Valencia with his family in TQL on thursday

We were invited by Teresa to join Socrates on Friday for a conversation at Marina Mandarin Hotel on the next day. To be honest, I am so impressed with him after our short 2 hours session! He shared with us on his Central Clubs in Columbia, and on the importance of love and care for club members' health and nutrition rather than clocking volume points & keep recruiting supervisors as main priority! & he told us, that he is so confident, that his Central Club will work so well that his monthly income will grow from USD500,000 to USD 1 million! Cheers to him!

Our meeting with him at Marina Mandarin Hotel on Friday

President Team Socrates Valencia's Background

Socrates comes from Colombia; 19 years in business; his main business is in Panama, Colombia and other Latin American countries.

Socrates was looking for ways to increase his business, and in 2005 he went to Mexico to learn first-hand about Nutrition Clubs and the reasons for Mexico’s rapid growth.

After his return from Mexico more than a year ago, his distributors opened 20 home clubs but didn’t know exactly what to do, had no personal experience in opening and developing clubs, while clubs training was practically non-existent. As clubs were developing slowly, most distributors turned to their traditional methods.

So Socrates decided to lead the Clubs himself and opened a Central Club similar to those he saw in Mexico. He rented premises of 358 sq.m in the center of Panama City. The place consists of a large “kitchen” and a large hall.

Together with 25 of his supervisors he started working like crazy from morning till night to fill the Club. As a result, several months later 1,200 people (!) are visiting the Club daily. During this time distributors opened 200 home clubs, and leaders opened 26 Central Clubs - smaller than Socrates' Central Club - with 100-400 people visiting them daily.

To sum up: 1,200 people attend the main Central Club daily, 3,000 people attend 26 smaller Central Clubs, and more than 3,000 people attend 200 home clubs. Altogether more than 7,000 people visit the clubs in Socrates' organization in Panama City daily. And it’s after only 11 months!

At the same time he created a similar system in Colombia, his native country. The Central Club there is visited by 900 people a day, and other Central and home clubs are opened.

Thanks to this system, after 11 months he had new volume of 350,000 v.p., and his royalty check reached 30,000 royalty points (600,000 v.p. in 3 lines).

Distributors working in the Central Club have their own small clubs inside one big Club, but when a new person enters the Club he sees a room full of people which greatly impresses him and he wants to become a part of the environment.

Having worked in the Central Club for 30-90 days, distributors are ready to open their own home clubs, as they now have the necessary experience and their own functioning club in the frame of a large club. So home clubs become easier to open and people achieve success much faster. All home clubs survive, as they are opened by those distributors who work in the Central Club.

Thanks to this system, his royalty check grew from 16,000 to 30,000 royalty points in 11 months!

Outside view of Central Club
Central Club's Event

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